Punch Kit option Exiting Connect Copy Mode Sided 16 Pages Combine 2 Side Deleting Job Preset Book 2 Sided

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Exiting Connect Copy Mode Copy Face Up Selecting Copy Paper Deleting Saved Documents In Hdd Book 2 Sided Cleaning The Document Feeder Safety During Operation Editing Job Preset Recommended Paper Sizes And Types Copying Book Originals Sided 2 Pages Combine 2 Side Turning Off The Main Power Deleting Saved Documents 505 8 Pages Combine 2 Side Exiting User Tools Scanned File Printing Sided 4 Pages Combine 1 Side Sided 8 Pages Combine 1 Side Document Server Features Changing The Paper Size Copying Onto Tab Stock Energy Saver Mode Cleaning The Exposure Glass Sided 16 Pages Combine 2 Side Sided 2 Pages Combine 1 Side Originals And Copy Direction Removing Jammed Staples To Stop Scanning Temporarily Recalling A Program Directional Size Magnification inch Document Server Editor Features Table of contents Safety Information Key Operator Tools Deleting A Program Removing Punch Waste Sided 2 Sided Copying Onto Laner Transparencies