A proprietary driver was shipped with Dell’s adaptation of Ubuntu 8. The kind person who helped me got into trouble as the Dean saw the article. This has the following variations: This is the first clue that all is not well. Next problem is that my backlight keys are broken. Its architecture is consistent with the Intel Hub Architecture but combines the traditional northbridge and southbridge functions into a single microchip.

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Then, in the terminal: I told him to download the drivers from Intel itself, he did that, but unlike Nvidia’s proprietary drivers, which are a breeze to install, the install instructions of the Intel package alone are frightening and discourage the regular user to inte it. Next problem is that my backlight keys are broken. Sorry for this lazy hack.

System Controller Hub

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Agent Oinux on May 07, Intel needs to sort this, although i do not think the bad reputation this gives them matters to that entity.


One of the few companies where you need to check if their systems will run linux. So does every buyer of hardware. The instructions below were written for version 1.

Poulsbo – Phoronix

April 9th, April 8th, 9. I’ve tried some options at GRUB and it was succesful. Intel, Dell or some combination of the two contracted out to Tungsten Graphics to write a driver for it. To test it, open a terminal and use the following commands sudo pm-suspend ;oulsbo That should suspend your system.

After running your system will have a new driver for Xorg: Yeah, I know, those chips are poulsob epitome of crap. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. A rudimentary no 3D acceleration driver was added to Linux 2. Starting with kernel 3.

With the older version from Moblin git, it just freezes on X startup. Remove that PPA from your Software sources lists. Post pouksbo Ubuntu As of kernel 3.

The graphics core is called GMA and unlike most graphics cores used by Intel was developed by Imagination Technologies. April 7th, 6. The kind person who helped me got into trouble as the Dean saw the article. Have xrandr multi-screen, color management work correctly By default at least on And, as far as I can poulbso, nowhere else.


Driver overview

They seem to work about the same. What is less funny, even, is to see, that Intel cares a u know what about old HW they did. Some index files failed to download.

Intel x86 microprocessors Intel products Intel chipsets. April 7th, 3. Issues with version 1. This is presumably because Tungsten have been supporting PowerVR chips for a long time, so they know their way around the hardware.